About Katey

Hi there! 

I'm Katey, a 20-something-year-old woman living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a Mental Health Youth Advisor and advocate, Pagan YouTuber, Tarot Reader and hopeless bookworm.

I purchased my very first deck at the tender age of 15, but it wasn't until I experienced Tarot's healing powers for myself that I appreciated its true worth.

Following a long period of mental illness and isolation, I began uploading videos to YouTube. I'd hoped to share and make connections with likeminded people - and connect I did!

My experience of mental illness has been traumatic, but it has also lead to me discovering myself as an authentic, empowered, spiritual person. In my early 20s, I was forced to face all my fears at once. It nearly killed me, and I had no choice but to begin an arduous process of unlearning and rediscovery. 

Throughout this journey, Tarot became a close friend. It was the tool that enabled me to bridge the gap between what my doctors were telling me and what my soul needed. It played a crucial role in my journey to wellness.

This is the experience I bring to my services as a Tarot Reader: of a life destroyed, the journey back to the world of the living, and all the lessons that come along with it. I seek to use my own experience as a source of compassion and empathy as we work together to reframe and reclaim your autonomy within your own life. 

I choose to offer my readings in the form of letters sent the old fashioned way primarily because I love writing and receiving letters, but also because I value the personalised touch such a medium offers. There is a true sense of connection that is created through the beautiful art of letter-writing. 

Whether it is through my Snail Mail Tarot Readings or elsewhere online, I look forward to sharing and connecting with you.

Much love,