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Therapeutic Tarot: Spreads for Dealing with Dependency and Bad Habits

Katey Flowers

Tarot Spreads for Dependency & Habits.png

In today's Therapeutic Tarot, I am sharing with you 3 tarot or oracle spreads that I use to confront and manage my addictive tendencies and destructive habits.

In this series, I share activities and exercises that have helped me in recovery and maintaining my mental health. I am not a professional, and this series is not designed to replace any professional help you may need. Please take care of yourself.

The Addiction Assessment Spread

This first spread is a great place to start if you are feeling that your habits or behaviours have become unhealthy. 

  1. What does my addiction give me? Why do I do it
  2. What does it take from me?
  3. What is something I can do today?
  4. How can I stay on track?
addiction assessment tarot spread

The Setback Spread

Spread number two is for those times when you 'fall off the wagon', whatever that means to you. Our aim here is to work out what happened, and to consider how we can get back on track without beating ourselves up too much.

  1. Why did I fall off the wagon?
  2. How can I learn from this?
  3. How can I be/do better next time?
  4. How can I get back on track?
  5. How can I be firm/kind to myself right now?
The Setback Spread.png

Doing Well, Do Better Spread

This is a sweet and simple spread that can be done regularly to check-in with your current state, to give yourself a pat on the back and also look to what can be improved.

  1. What am I doing well?
  2. What can I do better?

If you'd like a more thorough breakdown and explanation of the spread positions, as well as sample readings for each spread then please watch the accompanying video here:

Tarot Spreads for Beginners

Katey Flowers

beginner tarot spreads

Whether you're a new reader or you just want to get back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of a smaller reading, these spreads are for you! Each of these spreads consist of 1 - 4 cards, which is small enough to keep things short and sweet, while also providing clear, helpful messages.

1 card spreads:

  • Energy of the day
  • Tarot gratitude
  • What can I embody today?

2 card spreads

  • Release / Receive
  • Doing well / Do better
  • Do this / Don't do this

3 card spreads:

  • Within / Without / Advice
  • You / Me / We
  • Week ahead reading
  • Past / Present / Future
  • Pro / Con / Advice
  • To expect / To do / Outcome
  • Think / Say / Do

4 card spread:

  • Elemental spread: Earth / Air / Fire / Water

For a more thorough explanation of these spreads, you can check out this video:

Therapeutic Tarot: Self-Care Activities with the Tarot

Katey Flowers

katey flowers therapeutic tarot self care

This exercise is a simple but effective one, in which you assign a self-care activity with each and every card of the tarot. You can do this based on the meaning or the imagery of the card. The idea is that you will have a diverse range of self-care activities from which you can pull when you aren't sure what you should be doing! This reduces the likelihood of procrastination or avoidance by eliminating as much of the in-the-moment decision making as possible.

I have shared belong my current list of activities for each card to provide examples and ideas, but you are encouraged to find your own associations that align with your own needs. This has changed over time as my self-care needs have changed. I used multiple decks to come up with these associations, including the Rider Waite Smith, Sasuraibito, Next World, Gill and Fantastic Menagerie tarots.

The Major Arcana

The Fool: Go for a wander, look up and around as you explore.

The Magician: Get magickal at the altar.

The High Priestess: Make my favourite pomegranate salad, or pray/meditate.

The Empress: Discover something beautiful that you haven't noticed before.

The Emperor: Be bold, fake it 'til you make it.

The Hierophant: Plan or do a ritual.

The Lovers: Create and recite a self-loving affirmation.

The Chariot: Go for a bike ride.

Strength: Play with the dogs.

The Hermit: Plan a hike or bushwalk.

Wheel of Fortune: Play a game or do a reading

Justice: Step into Logic Mind, get an objective view.

The Hanged Man: Stop and rest.

Death: Cull, declutter.

Temperance: Have a cuppa or mocktail, or do Wise Mind Spread

The Devil: Do something just because it feels good.

The Tower: Radical mindfulness, take stock of how far I've come, how much I've rebuilt.

The Star: Watch Stargate.

The Moon: Check in with the moon cycle, Moonology.

The Sun: Get some sun, go outside, laugh.

Judgement: Call a friend or family member.

The World: Dance.


The Suit of Swords:

Ace: Mindfulness of thoughts.

Two:  Pros and cons list.

Three:  Needle felt.

Four: Write or journal.

Five: Compromise, 'want/will/won't' list.

Six: Change of scenery, take myself out for the day.

Seven: Do something 'selfish'.

Eight: CBT that shit.

Nine:  Change the sheets, cleanse the bedroom, check in with sleep hygiene.

Ten: Cleanse and clear, forgive.

Page: Watch the birds or clouds.

Knight: Put a timer on for five minutes and just get something done.

Queen: Write a letter.

King: Fix something, finish off the details.


The Suit of Wands:

Ace: Do a puzzle

Two: Plan, research.

Three: Explore, just try something.

Four: Listen to fun music or watch Eurovision.

Five: Collaborate, learn from differences.

Six: Acknowledge my achievements.

Seven: Assert yourself, say 'no'.

Eight: Just do it. Just do something.

Nine: Take responsibility and do what needs to be done.

Ten: Prioritise, and ask for help if necessary.

Page: Burn a pretty candle.

Knight: Get creative.

Queen: Pick some flowers.

King: Set some intentions for tomorrow.


The Suit of Cups:

Ace: Drink some water.

Two: Talk to someone, plan a date.

Three: Hang out with friends.

Four: Paint my nails.

Five: Have a little cry, find a silver lining.

Six: Get nostalgic and go through some old photos.

Seven: Visualisation.

Eight: Take some time out, get a hair cut.

Nine: Write a list of things I'm proud of.

Ten: Write a gratitude list.

Page: Read a kids book.

Knight: Make a cuppa and read.

Queen: Dress up in your favourite dress.

King: Listen to The Cure.


The Suit of Pentacles:

Ace: Mindfulness with touch.

Two: Balance exercises and stretches.

Three: Practive French.

Four: Get grounded, feel safe.

Five: Colour in.

Six: Make a donation.

Seven: Water the plants, or delay.

Eight: Draw, paint, make something!

Nine: Go to the park.

Ten: Go to Mum and Dad's house.

Page: Origami or paper crafts.

Knight:  Make a list, break it down step-by-step.

Queen: Put my bare feet on the ground.

King: Clean the house.


Tarot Spread: Sacred Land Connection Spread

Katey Flowers

Sacred Land Connection Spread.png

Connecting with the land on which we live is an integral part of spirituality for many of us. So, I have created a tarot spread to help us do just that - The Sacred Land Connection Spread aims to get you communing with the land in an authentic and respectful way.

I hope you find it useful.

Sacred Land Connection Tarot Spread

Spread positions:

1. Where I stand: What is my current connection to the land?

2. What history do I need to acknowledge at this time?

3. What do the Ancestors and Elders of this land want me to know? How can I honour them?

4. What can I offer the land at this time?

5. What does the land want to share with me?

6. How can I be a source of love and healing on this land?


See this video for a full walk through of the spread and a look at the cards and messages I drew for myself!

Tarot Decks for Everyday Use

Katey Flowers


I was asked recently to provide some suggestions for tarot decks that I think are great for everyday readings... because we don't necessarily want every reading to be about shadow work or spiritual transcendence!

Of course, any and every tarot deck is more than capable of being an everyday deck. And the decks I have listed below certainly aren't limited to mundane matters. All decks have many layers to them. These decks are those which, in my experience, the first layer or two are reasonably straightforward and easy to read.

So, here are my top 8 decks (plus one oracle!) that I find work really well for quick, practical readings over my morning cuppa tea. They are listed in no particular order.

rider waite smith tarot deck

1. Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The RWS is an oldie but a goodie, in my humble opinion! It's a go-to deck for me and feels very reliable and direct. There are certainly many, many layers to its symbolism, but I find that is can clearly speak to work, occupation, and how resources, such as time and energy, are being used.

minute tarot

2. RWS Clones - eg. The Minute Tarot

As with the Rider Waite Smith itself, I find clones can be similarly effective on a day to day basis. The Minute Tarot by Robyn Tish Hollister is my current favourite RWS clone. And what makes this deck especially applicable to this exercise is the fact that the artwork for each card was created in a five-minute time limit. This has resulted in the deck having a very snappy, to the point voice. Plus, it's just super cute!

See my unboxing of The Minute Tarot here.

sasuraibito tarot

3. Sasuraibito Tarot by Stasia Burrington

The Sasuraibito Tarot has very quickly become a favourite of mine, in part because of how easy it is to read. It feels very rooted in the present experience, and therefore is perfect for an everyday tarot deck. It's surface layers are quite soft, encouraging and approachable, often reminding me of a chat with a supportive friend.

next world tarot

4. The Next World Tarot by Cristy C Road

This deck has blown me away in the short time it has been with me. It is so incredibly deep and rich, but it is also very modern, making its images very easy to relate to. Because of this, it can be used in a very literal, face-value way. Ideas for what you can do or focus on today can be drawn directly from the imagery, which can be a super fun and refreshing way to approach the tarot. On a deeper level, the Next World Tarot provides an empowering, loving approach to taking action in the world.

See my first impressions of the Next World Tarot here.

fountain tarot

5. The Fountain Tarot by Saiz, Gruhl and Todaro

The Fountain Tarot has become a bit of a classic since it was released a couple of years ago. And why I think it works well as an everyday deck is because, as with the Next World, it is quite modern. This has one of the best little white books I've ever read, and it is a great one to use for direct, practical messages. This deck has a way of bringing clarity to a specific situation, which is perfect for setting intentions in the morning.

world spirit tarot

6. World Spirit Tarot by Lauren O'Leary and Jessica Godino

This is another deck that is fairly modern, although in a very different way to the previous two. The World Spirit feels absolutely rooted in the body, in the worldly experience. It speaks beautifully to work, relationships, health, and passions. It is very much based on the RWS, making it easy to read, but certainly has a unique perspective. This is a great deck for setting goals for those things that really matter in your life.

anna k tarot

7. Anna K Tarot by Anna K

I've said before that the Anna K has a distinctly storybook quality. This deck is based on the RWS tradition, but has removed all of the occult symbolism of the Golden Dawn. Instead, the art uses facial expressions, body language and the use of colour to deliver a simple message. It speaks to our emotional, mundane experience, rather than our more intellectual side. 

See my review of the Anna K Tarot here.

bad bitches tarot

8. Bad Bitches Tarot by Ethony

The Bad Bitches Tarot is another modern deck, in a fashion art style. The simplicity of the imagery makes it a snappy read, but what really stands out about this deck is the guidebook. Ethony offers meanings for different sides of the cards, that relate to the various important aspects of life. These are the 'Bare' (traditional, base interpretation), 'Boudoir' (for love and relationships), 'Business' (for work and career), 'Bank' (for finances), and the 'Blocked' (or reversed) meanings.

See my unboxing of the Bad Bitches Tarot here.

elements of recovery oracle

9. Elements of Recovery Oracle by Beverly King

This little deck is the only non-tarot deck on this list. It is quite different from any other oracle deck I own. The Elements of Recovery is based on the principals of Alcoholics Anonymous but has removed overtly religious or dogmatic language and concepts, making it a whole lot more accessible to those of us for whom such ideology does not work. The printable guidebook that Beverly offers is essential for getting the most out of this deck.

I find the Elements of Recovery especially useful in working through my addictive tendencies, unhealthy habits, perfectionistic thinking, self-sabotage, and other self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. I tend to draw two cards with this deck, asking 'What am I doing well?' and 'What can I do better?'

Honourable Mentions!

Review of the Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony

Unboxing of the Life Design Cards by Lise McLoughlin


A Year with The Hanged Man

Katey Flowers

Smith-Waite Tarot

Smith-Waite Tarot

My card of 2017 was The Hanged Man, which also happens to be my birth card, and one of my favourite cards in the deck.

I knew 2017 was going to be an important year for me. Was I ready to reborn with my birth card, to come full circle and level up on the spiral of life? Or would I resist and stay stuck?

There are lots of ways to interpret The Hanged Man. But for me, it is a card of patience, commitment and perseverance. It’s a reminder that there’s a bigger picture, a higher goal, a new level of awareness on offer, and that any immediate discomfort is a necessary by-product of expansion and growth.

Smith-Waite, Gill and Fantastic Menagerie Tarots

Smith-Waite, Gill and Fantastic Menagerie Tarots

Would I be open to accepting this growth, and allowing a new perspective to emerge? Or would I struggle against it? Would I cover my ears and hold my eyes shut and refuse to meet the challenges of The Hanged Man?

The card also brought a message of patience, of sitting and waiting for the right moment. I was being asked to hold steady in my convictions, trust in the path I’d chosen and allow it to unfold organically, rather than always pursuing, striving, forcing.

Smith-Waite, Gill, Fantastic Menagerie, Fountain, World Spirit, Spiral and Liminal Tarots

Smith-Waite, Gill, Fantastic Menagerie, Fountain, World Spirit, Spiral and Liminal Tarots

This was a year of being, witnessing, allowing, committing, of opening myself up to the other side of the coin, and all of the layers in between.

It was a year of persevering, not in an attempt to control, but to commit completely to my path in spite of my inability to control it.

Rather than running about and chasing the world around me, I learnt to stay still and act only when my cue was called.

But now 2017 is over and I move from The Hanged Man to Death. The 13th, unnamed card. The card of endings and cleansing. I don’t think I would’ve been ready to face Death a year ago. But The Hanged Man has prepared me to accept the present and to trust in the future.

And so, this is me, accepting and trusting in 2018.

Rider Waite Smith Death card

Rider Waite Smith Death card

Getting back together with the Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Katey Flowers

dreams of gaia tarot box.JPG

I'm someone who loves to trade decks. I don't like to hold onto decks that I don't use, so I regularly find myself on the Buy Sell Swap groups on Facebook looking to rehome those decks that aren't getting the love they deserve from me.

To some, the idea of getting rid of decks is a bit scary - "But what if I miss it?!"

Usually, that's not an issue for me. More often than not, it's a bit of a relief to send off an underappreciated deck. And it creates space on my shelf for the decks and books that really make me feel excited.

But occasionally, there have been those decks that I really did miss, whose empty spot on the shelf is never satisfyingly filled by a newer purchase. One such deck was the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan.


It was a deck that experienced a lot of hype when it was released by Blue Angel Publishing about a year ago. The art style is distinctive and the creator has developed a unique take on the tarot system. It wasn't a deck that I was immediately drawn to, but I was curious. So, when I found it on eBay for half price, I took the plunge.

I had no strong expectations. I knew it came with an extensive guidebook, which I assumed I would devour, cover to cover, being the book nerd that I am!

But, when it arrived in the final days of 2016, I was surprised by just how strongly the images spoke to me. The vibrant artwork was so talkative, I didn't even bother with the book. I didn't want to overthink this organic and intensely intuitive experience I was having.

So, I asked questions, drew cards, and let those mystical, alive images speak to me. The deck was expressive, sassy, funny and forthright. I used it every day and had a lot of fun experiences as well as several breakdown/breakthrough moments during those first few months.

(I loved it so much, I even made a video about it being my 'deck crush' in January!)

But then, without warning, the Dreams of Gaia went cold, and its chatty messages muted. Where I'd once struggled to keep up with the intuitive hits I received from the deck, I could barely get a whisper out of it.

So, it went back in the box and sat on my shelf until I eventually posted it off to a new home.

Our love affair was short, fiery and magickal. But it was over... or so I thought!

dreams of gaia tarot.JPG

Now, almost exactly a year after I first opened and fell in love with the Dreams of Gaia, a second copy has just arrived in the mail, and I feel like I've come home to an old friend. Almost as quickly as our spark had fizzled, it burst back into flames and I needed this deck in my life.

I'm not sure exactly what it was, or what changed, but I'm so excited to explore a relationship with this deck again.

Then again, maybe nothing changed. Perhaps I misread the cooling of our connection. Perhaps this fiery deck is a seasonal one, meant for the fiery, transitional height and heat of the Australian summer.

dreams of gaia three card.JPG

I'll always love trading and maintaining a curated collection, but the Dreams of Gaia has given me an opportunity to reflect on just how different all decks, and the relationship we have with them, are. Each deck takes us on a unique journey and travels at its own pace. 

Next time, I don't think I'll be so quick to assume that a passionate love affair has an expiration date!

Therapeutic Tarot: Self-Care & Interpersonal Effectiveness Spread

Katey Flowers


As part of my Therapeutic Tarot video series, I have put together a sweet and simple tarot spread based on the Interpersonal Effectiveness module in DBT (Dialectic Behavioural Therapy). In this module, we learn how to approach the people in our lives to ensure our needs are met and our relationships are healthy.

Although inspired by this module, this spread is versatile and can be used for almost any situation. The whole idea, though, is that we can take a look at what we're thinking and feeling about and wanting from the situation. And of course, we have to take care of ourselves through the process, so we have a position for that, too!

So, let's take a look at the positions:

1. I think

What thoughts and beliefs are you experiencing regarding the situation? 

2. I Feel

What feelings are underlying your experience in this situation? 

3. I Want

What is it that you're hoping to achieve? What outcome are you wanting?

4. Self-Care Solution

And finally, what is it that you really need? What can you be doing for yourself that will help manage any stress or distress you're facing?

And that's it! As I said, sweet and simple! But that is my intention with these Therapeutic Tarot exercises: that they are simple enough to be useful when we are experiencing some emotional or mental distress. 

If you'd like a more detailed explanation of the spread, along with a bit of a sample reading, you can check out the corresponding video:

I hope you find this little spread helpful!

Much love,


Book Review: Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Katey Flowers


This is a book all about manifesting using the moon phases. There’s a lot of books on the market that tackle this topic, but I have enjoyed nor learnt more from Moonology than any other I have read. 

The book is divided into four parts, with some appendices offering extra information for the particularly keen Moonologer.

Part 1: Why the Moon is Magic

Part 1 provides some simple explanations of the moon phases and how we can use each phase to enhance our manifestation work. There are a few ‘fun facts’ about the moon, a diagram of how the orbits of the sun, moon, and earth create the moon phases we see in the sky, and about a page of information on each of the eight main moon phases. 

Part 2: Create Your Dream Life with the New Moon

This is where the fun begins! Part 2 is all about New Moon Wishing and how to do it. We learn to work with the New Moon based on both the sign it is in and the House it is in our own personal charts. The author provides a simple description and chart for working out what House the New Moon falls in your own chart, as well as detailed information regarding each sign and each House. We learn lots of practical ways of working with the New Moon, including relevant goddesses, archangels, essential oils, mantras, affirmations, what to wish for, what to do and more. It is all addressed in a really clear, easy to use manner.

Part 3: Work with the Magic of the Full Moon

Similar to Part 2, Part 3 offers us lots of information about how to work with the Moon both in its sign and in our personal House but, this time, we're dealing with the Full Moon. We learn how important gratitude and forgiveness are in the manifesting process, and how the Full Moon can help us with those things.

Part 4: Live Consciously with the Daily Moon

Again, Part 4 offers insight as to how to work with the moon in each sign and House but with a focus on the Daily Moon - or any day of the moon cycle that isn't the New or Full Moon. This section is predictably less extensive than the previous two, but still a helpful guide to working with the energy of the moon on a daily basis.

My Thoughts 

I genuinely enjoyed this book and have found myself referencing it every two or three days. It has become a staple in my practice with the moon, both spirituality and practically. I find myself reaching for the book in the morning after my daily tarot draw and using the information to help me approach my day in a more focused and mindful way. I've also been checking in with the moon as it moves through the Signs using the iLuna app on my phone.

I think what makes this book truly successful is just how accessible it is. The information is all presented in the simplest possible way so that it is easy to find, understand and, most importantly, implement. As readers, we're encouraged to use the wealth of information provided as jumping off points for exploring a personal relationship with the moon. 

Since reading and working with this book, my own relationship with the cycles of the moon has definitely broadened. I now find myself much more engaged with the cycle as a whole, checking in with the moon and my Mew Moon Wishes every few days. My New and Full Moon rituals have also begun to deepen. Learning about the Signs has enabled me to focus my ritual (and subsequent plans for the month) more effectively while working with my own Houses has allowed a more personal journey with the moon to emerge. 

Basically, if you want to work with the moon, or want to broaden and deepen your existing relationship with the moon, but don't really know where to start, I highly recommend this book. 

Much love,


6 Tips for finding out of print or vintage tarot decks

Katey Flowers


The day I learned that some tarot decks are out of print and hard to find was the same day I discovered my 'soul' deck. It was The Gill Tarot, and it was love at first sight. I couldn't explain how or why, but I knew that deck belonged to me. I soon discovered that this quirky deck, published in 1990 by U.S. Games, had been out of print for many years. Devastated, I resigned myself to never owning my dream deck.

But as I began to explore the world of tarot more thoroughly, I picked up some tips and tricks for finding out of print decks at reasonable prices and through trades. It didn't take me long to find The Gill Tarot, and I have since added many an out of print deck to my collection.

Here's how...

1. Make a wish list

This one is nice and easy! Put together a list of all the decks you'd love to own. They can be as common or rare as you like, and your list can include one or 100 decks. Just get them down on paper.

Once you've compiled your list, allow yourself to release any attachment or sense of desperation. Know that if and when the time is right, these decks will find their way to you. Be patient.

On a practical level, this list will help guide your future searches.

2. Be search savvy

There's more to effective searching than just a few keywords! Educate yourself on the search functions and algorithms of eBay (or your preferred market site). There's no need to become an expert, but it will save you much time and hassle to understand some of the basics. If you don't know what a 'boolean' search is, look it up! Learn about eBay's alert service. Invest a little time now to save you plenty in the future.

Once you've got the basics down, start getting clever with your search parameters. It's great to be specific, but it can also be beneficial to try more vague search terms, too. Often sellers won't know the name of the deck they're selling and will instead use more generic, descriptive terms. Don't assume everyone selling tarot decks is a tarot expert. 

Try searching in your local area to avoid unnecessary postage costs, but don't limit your search too much or you may miss out on that special deck.

3. Consider what it is you really want

When I was looking for the Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot, I didn't care about the details because I'm not strictly a collector. I just wanted the cards to read with and learn from! Therefore, finding a mint, first edition in original packaging wasn't a priority for me. Instead, I found a loved, later printing without any box or booklet. What my purchase was lacking in extras it more than made up for in savings!

Do a bit of research about the deck you're after. Were there multiple printings? Are some editions more valuable than others? Was there are accompanying guidebook? Do you want the guidebook? These questions will help clarify your search terms.

4. Consider alternatives

Although there is an allure to out of print decks, if you're not at all interested in the collector's value and just want the cards, it might be worth considering alternatives. Some decks that are out of print in English may still be widely available in Spanish or German, for example. 

To take this a step further, you may want to consider alternate decks altogether. For instance, if you're pining after the Victorian Flower's Oracle by Baba Studios (as I was!), you might want to consider whether something like the Floret Oracle could fulfil your needs instead.

5. Engage in your tarot community and participate in trades

Join tarot trading groups on Facebook, of which there are many! Find some local to your area as well as the larger, worldwide groups. Be active, communicate, make offers, be nice, and have fun!

Aeclectic Tarot has an incredible forum. But did you know they also have a member's only Tarot Trading subforum? You can subscribe for as little as $10 for three months to gain access to a very active buy, sell, trade community of tarot collectors.

6. Keep an eye out

Believe it or not, it is possible to find out of print decks in your regular metaphysical book shop. It's not unheard of for old stock to hide away in a corner for a few years before finally being snatched up by an observant and savvy shopper. You might even stumble on an old deck in an op-shop or thrift store.


With all of the above in mind, the most important thing is to remain patient. The prices listed on Amazon are very rarely, in my experience, indicative of the market value of the harder to find decks. Make your wish list and get comfortable with the idea of waiting.

Keep in mind, though, that many decks may go in and out of print. You may want to reconsider spending big bucks on a deck that only went out of print a few years ago, or if the creator is still an active member of the tarot community. There's no guarantee, but it's not uncommon for a once out of print and highly sought after deck to return to the shop shelves with a second printing. 

I hope this has been helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in your tarot hunting!

Much love,



Tarot Deck Interview Spread

Katey Flowers

deck interview tarot spread

When I start working with a new deck, one of the first things I like to do is interview it. I sit down with a cup of tea and ask the deck a few questions about itself and how it sees the potential of our relationship. It's a wonderful way to start to get to know the energy and personality of a deck, and can even give you some guidance as to the best ways to approach working with the deck.

There are lots of different deck interview spreads to be found online, and I have tried many of them over my time of interviewing decks. What follows is the spread that I use, which is a bit of mash-up of those spread positions I found most insightful. 

Here is a quick example of my interview with the deliciously retro Hoi Polloi tarot. 

Deck: Hoi Polloi Tarot

Deck: Hoi Polloi Tarot

1. What are you here to teach me? Ace of Pentacles - "To keep it simple, stupid!"

2. How do you see yourself? King of Cups - "I've got my shit together."

3. How do you see me? The Tower - "You're a little tragic, tbh..."

4. How can I best work with you? The Sun - "Lighten up, kiddo!"

5. What are your strengths as a deck? Ten of Pentacles - "Like I said, I've got it together. I'm pretty grounded and practical, too."

6. What are you limitations or weaknesses? Eight of Wands - "I don't like being rushed!"

7. What is the potential of our working relationship? The World and Ace of Swords - "You'll get clear on your purpose. If you wield me right, you have everything to gain, baby!"

In this short interview, I found myself laughing out loud. The cheeky, playful personality of the deck came through loud and clear. What a wonderful way to start our journey together!

If you want another, more thorough example, check out the video below, in which I interview the beautiful Liminal Tarot.

Happy interviewing!