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Book Review: Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Katey Flowers


This is a book all about manifesting using the moon phases. There’s a lot of books on the market that tackle this topic, but I have enjoyed nor learnt more from Moonology than any other I have read. 

The book is divided into four parts, with some appendices offering extra information for the particularly keen Moonologer.

Part 1: Why the Moon is Magic

Part 1 provides some simple explanations of the moon phases and how we can use each phase to enhance our manifestation work. There are a few ‘fun facts’ about the moon, a diagram of how the orbits of the sun, moon, and earth create the moon phases we see in the sky, and about a page of information on each of the eight main moon phases. 

Part 2: Create Your Dream Life with the New Moon

This is where the fun begins! Part 2 is all about New Moon Wishing and how to do it. We learn to work with the New Moon based on both the sign it is in and the House it is in our own personal charts. The author provides a simple description and chart for working out what House the New Moon falls in your own chart, as well as detailed information regarding each sign and each House. We learn lots of practical ways of working with the New Moon, including relevant goddesses, archangels, essential oils, mantras, affirmations, what to wish for, what to do and more. It is all addressed in a really clear, easy to use manner.

Part 3: Work with the Magic of the Full Moon

Similar to Part 2, Part 3 offers us lots of information about how to work with the Moon both in its sign and in our personal House but, this time, we're dealing with the Full Moon. We learn how important gratitude and forgiveness are in the manifesting process, and how the Full Moon can help us with those things.

Part 4: Live Consciously with the Daily Moon

Again, Part 4 offers insight as to how to work with the moon in each sign and House but with a focus on the Daily Moon - or any day of the moon cycle that isn't the New or Full Moon. This section is predictably less extensive than the previous two, but still a helpful guide to working with the energy of the moon on a daily basis.

My Thoughts 

I genuinely enjoyed this book and have found myself referencing it every two or three days. It has become a staple in my practice with the moon, both spirituality and practically. I find myself reaching for the book in the morning after my daily tarot draw and using the information to help me approach my day in a more focused and mindful way. I've also been checking in with the moon as it moves through the Signs using the iLuna app on my phone.

I think what makes this book truly successful is just how accessible it is. The information is all presented in the simplest possible way so that it is easy to find, understand and, most importantly, implement. As readers, we're encouraged to use the wealth of information provided as jumping off points for exploring a personal relationship with the moon. 

Since reading and working with this book, my own relationship with the cycles of the moon has definitely broadened. I now find myself much more engaged with the cycle as a whole, checking in with the moon and my Mew Moon Wishes every few days. My New and Full Moon rituals have also begun to deepen. Learning about the Signs has enabled me to focus my ritual (and subsequent plans for the month) more effectively while working with my own Houses has allowed a more personal journey with the moon to emerge. 

Basically, if you want to work with the moon, or want to broaden and deepen your existing relationship with the moon, but don't really know where to start, I highly recommend this book. 

Much love,