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Tarot Spread: Sacred Land Connection Spread

Katey Flowers

Sacred Land Connection Spread.png

Connecting with the land on which we live is an integral part of spirituality for many of us. So, I have created a tarot spread to help us do just that - The Sacred Land Connection Spread aims to get you communing with the land in an authentic and respectful way.

I hope you find it useful.

Sacred Land Connection Tarot Spread

Spread positions:

1. Where I stand: What is my current connection to the land?

2. What history do I need to acknowledge at this time?

3. What do the Ancestors and Elders of this land want me to know? How can I honour them?

4. What can I offer the land at this time?

5. What does the land want to share with me?

6. How can I be a source of love and healing on this land?


See this video for a full walk through of the spread and a look at the cards and messages I drew for myself!