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Tarot Spreads for Beginners

Katey Flowers

beginner tarot spreads

Whether you're a new reader or you just want to get back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of a smaller reading, these spreads are for you! Each of these spreads consist of 1 - 4 cards, which is small enough to keep things short and sweet, while also providing clear, helpful messages.

1 card spreads:

  • Energy of the day
  • Tarot gratitude
  • What can I embody today?

2 card spreads

  • Release / Receive
  • Doing well / Do better
  • Do this / Don't do this

3 card spreads:

  • Within / Without / Advice
  • You / Me / We
  • Week ahead reading
  • Past / Present / Future
  • Pro / Con / Advice
  • To expect / To do / Outcome
  • Think / Say / Do

4 card spread:

  • Elemental spread: Earth / Air / Fire / Water

For a more thorough explanation of these spreads, you can check out this video: