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Therapeutic Tarot: Self-Care Activities with the Tarot

Katey Flowers

katey flowers therapeutic tarot self care

This exercise is a simple but effective one, in which you assign a self-care activity with each and every card of the tarot. You can do this based on the meaning or the imagery of the card. The idea is that you will have a diverse range of self-care activities from which you can pull when you aren't sure what you should be doing! This reduces the likelihood of procrastination or avoidance by eliminating as much of the in-the-moment decision making as possible.

I have shared belong my current list of activities for each card to provide examples and ideas, but you are encouraged to find your own associations that align with your own needs. This has changed over time as my self-care needs have changed. I used multiple decks to come up with these associations, including the Rider Waite Smith, Sasuraibito, Next World, Gill and Fantastic Menagerie tarots.

The Major Arcana

The Fool: Go for a wander, look up and around as you explore.

The Magician: Get magickal at the altar.

The High Priestess: Make my favourite pomegranate salad, or pray/meditate.

The Empress: Discover something beautiful that you haven't noticed before.

The Emperor: Be bold, fake it 'til you make it.

The Hierophant: Plan or do a ritual.

The Lovers: Create and recite a self-loving affirmation.

The Chariot: Go for a bike ride.

Strength: Play with the dogs.

The Hermit: Plan a hike or bushwalk.

Wheel of Fortune: Play a game or do a reading

Justice: Step into Logic Mind, get an objective view.

The Hanged Man: Stop and rest.

Death: Cull, declutter.

Temperance: Have a cuppa or mocktail, or do Wise Mind Spread

The Devil: Do something just because it feels good.

The Tower: Radical mindfulness, take stock of how far I've come, how much I've rebuilt.

The Star: Watch Stargate.

The Moon: Check in with the moon cycle, Moonology.

The Sun: Get some sun, go outside, laugh.

Judgement: Call a friend or family member.

The World: Dance.


The Suit of Swords:

Ace: Mindfulness of thoughts.

Two:  Pros and cons list.

Three:  Needle felt.

Four: Write or journal.

Five: Compromise, 'want/will/won't' list.

Six: Change of scenery, take myself out for the day.

Seven: Do something 'selfish'.

Eight: CBT that shit.

Nine:  Change the sheets, cleanse the bedroom, check in with sleep hygiene.

Ten: Cleanse and clear, forgive.

Page: Watch the birds or clouds.

Knight: Put a timer on for five minutes and just get something done.

Queen: Write a letter.

King: Fix something, finish off the details.


The Suit of Wands:

Ace: Do a puzzle

Two: Plan, research.

Three: Explore, just try something.

Four: Listen to fun music or watch Eurovision.

Five: Collaborate, learn from differences.

Six: Acknowledge my achievements.

Seven: Assert yourself, say 'no'.

Eight: Just do it. Just do something.

Nine: Take responsibility and do what needs to be done.

Ten: Prioritise, and ask for help if necessary.

Page: Burn a pretty candle.

Knight: Get creative.

Queen: Pick some flowers.

King: Set some intentions for tomorrow.


The Suit of Cups:

Ace: Drink some water.

Two: Talk to someone, plan a date.

Three: Hang out with friends.

Four: Paint my nails.

Five: Have a little cry, find a silver lining.

Six: Get nostalgic and go through some old photos.

Seven: Visualisation.

Eight: Take some time out, get a hair cut.

Nine: Write a list of things I'm proud of.

Ten: Write a gratitude list.

Page: Read a kids book.

Knight: Make a cuppa and read.

Queen: Dress up in your favourite dress.

King: Listen to The Cure.


The Suit of Pentacles:

Ace: Mindfulness with touch.

Two: Balance exercises and stretches.

Three: Practive French.

Four: Get grounded, feel safe.

Five: Colour in.

Six: Make a donation.

Seven: Water the plants, or delay.

Eight: Draw, paint, make something!

Nine: Go to the park.

Ten: Go to Mum and Dad's house.

Page: Origami or paper crafts.

Knight:  Make a list, break it down step-by-step.

Queen: Put my bare feet on the ground.

King: Clean the house.